Inspired by the symbolism of the wheat spikes, we created this collection as an invitation for you to welcome all the abundance life offers in each and every way.

Spiga Collection

Spiga Large HoopsSpiga Large Hoops
Sold out

Spiga Large Hoops

$259.000 COP
Spiga Medium HoopsSpiga Medium Hoops

Spiga Medium Hoops

$239.000 COP
Spiga Small HoopsSpiga Small Hoops
Sold out

Spiga Small Hoops

$209.000 COP
Spiga Mini HoopsSpiga Mini Hoops

Spiga Mini Hoops

$189.000 COP
Spiga Tiny HoopsSpiga Tiny Hoops
Sold out

Spiga Tiny Hoops

$169.000 COP
Spiga Micro HoopsSpiga Micro Hoops

Spiga Micro Hoops

$165.000 COP
Spiga Large EarcuffSpiga Large Earcuff
Sold out

Spiga Large Earcuff

$109.000 COP
Spiga Medium EarcuffSpiga Medium Earcuff
Sold out

Spiga Medium Earcuff

$105.000 COP


Our looks

A tribute to the timeless power of iconic symbols


Woman, may you always remember your birthright. For you are salt; the jewel of the sea, the maiden with a thousand shimmers


She was, in fact, a child of the moon. Wandering around free, in the dark. Bringing light, to everyone around her


About Us

LaSierra is a Colombian Jewelry brand  designed and handcrafted  by master artisans.  Every piece is inspired by nature's shapes and influenced  by the artistic imprint of  diverse cultures around the globe.

By combining textures and colors and applying creative techniques and crafting process, we merge passion and design to each unique jewel.