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Jebel Triple EarringsJebel Triple Earrings
On sale

Jebel Triple Earrings

$359.000 $389.000
Voragine Large EarringsVoragine Large Earrings
On sale

Voragine Large Earrings

$319.000 $349.000
Bayt Agate Chain EarringsBayt Agate Chain Earrings
On sale

Bayt Agate Chain Earrings

$319.000 $359.000
Jebel Double EarringsJebel Double Earrings
On sale

Jebel Double Earrings

$309.000 $339.000
Tunisia HoopsTunisia Hoops
On sale

Tunisia Hoops

$289.000 $309.000
Voragine Medium EarringsVoragine Medium Earrings
On sale

Voragine Medium Earrings

$269.000 $289.000
Muzziena EarringsMuzziena Earrings
On sale

Muzziena Earrings

$259.000 $279.000
Aegis EarringsAegis Earrings
On sale

Aegis Earrings

$249.000 $299.000


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LaSierra is a Colombian Jewelry brand  designed and handcrafted  by master artisans.  Every piece is inspired by nature's shapes and influenced  by the artistic imprint of  diverse cultures around the globe.

By combining textures and colors and applying creative techniques and crafting process, we merge passion and design to each unique jewel.