Poetry, like symbols expresses that which cannot be said. Symbolic images stand for ideas greater than themselves and can signify guidance and direction.

Our ''Symbols Collection'' is inspired by antique amulets that evoke powerful feelings alluding us to look beyond the visible world.

May they grant you orientation and insight while you take a closer look at your own personal journey.

Let your light shine and brighten the world around you inspired by each of these Symbols.


Celestial Earrings

Vision of Light Oblong Necklace

From $149.000,00 - $208.000,00

Devotion Snake Chain Necklace

From $178.000,00 - $198.000,00

Shine Oblong Chain Necklace

From $119.000,00 - $188.000,00

Life Goddess Oblong Necklace

From $139.000,00 - $188.000,00

Devotion Oblong Chain Necklace

From $148.000,00 - $178.000,00

Shine Oblong Swivel Pendant

From $159.000,00 - $218.000,00

Life Goddess Snake Necklace

From $159.000,00 - $218.000,00

Life Goddess Infinito Necklace

From $159.000,00 - $218.000,00

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