Abha & Safi Hoops

Aegis Earrings, Crescent and North Earcuffs

Afelio and Ecos Rings

Afelio, Coriolis and Ecos Jewels

Always Inspired by Nature

Always inspired by the beauty of nature

An Ode to the Earth


Believe Earrings

Berber Ring & Bracelet, Sinai Earcuff and Oman Ring

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Compas, Coriolis & Oleaje Bracelets

Corazón Del Mundo

Corazon Del Mundo Collection

Coriolis Hoops

Creciente & Litoral Pieces

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Ecos & Coriolis Jewels

Edge & Classic

Favorite Pieces From The Goddess Of Wander Collection

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Goddess Of Wander

Goddess Of Wander Rings & Bracelets


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La Marea

La Marea Earcuffs

LaSierra Symbols Arm Party

Last Chance

Life Goddess Necklace

Litotal Choker & Sizigia Necklace

Little Pieces Of Goddess Of Wander

Mar Earrings, Nebbi Ring & Equilibrio Ring

Meridiano and Coriolis Bracelets

Meridiano Jewels

Meridiano Ring & Solsticio Bracelet

Minimalism Inspired by Nature

Moonlight and Vision Necklace

Moonlight Earrings & Qabila Earcuff

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Nativ Vol I

Nativ Vol II

Natural Shells


Oleaje, Coriolis and Compas Bracelets

Pale Bracelet & Kolo Earring

Pick Your Favorite

Pick Your Favorites

Poweful Symbols

Qumram, Harasi & Annizah Pieces

Rising Soul, Believe and Vision of Light Necklaces


Shells Have Been Used For Centuries

Sizigia & Creciente Necklaces

Step Inside Our Universe

Symbols Collection

The Heart of the World is beating

The Mar and Tayrona Necklaces

The Mar and the Tayrona Necklaces

The Spirit Of La Sierra Nevada

The Sun, the eyes and the stars.

Third Eye, Braveheart and Shine Rings

Third Eye, Heart In Hand & Imagine Swing Bracelet

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Up-close Look at Our Nebbi Bracelet & Equilibrio Rings

Up-close look at the Nebbi bracelet and Mundo Hoops

Vision, Destiny, Braveheart and Believe Symbols

Vision, Fenix and Devotion Necklaces

Vision, Starburst & Heart In Hand Necklaces

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